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Green Link Group summits produce high level business and professional industries’ events for the world’s leading business decision-makers. these dynamic and innovative events bring together directors and high- level practitioners from the most influential organizations, authoritative experts and scholars with top product and service suppliers, in a stimulating environment to discuss key industry issues and mutually beneficial solutions.

Green Link Group carries out a comprehensive and detailed management and research work on the summits we produce, which includes the contents of the establishment, form of identification, list of speakers at the invitation of the choice of partners.

Our summits exclusive format enables participants to achieve the maximum amount of market information and a relatively easy opportunity for interaction and communication face to face over a two or three day event. the events offer practical business networking as well as the strategic debate you can expect from any of our conferences.

Our professional team always collect and investigate all participants’ problems and answer them timely before, on and after the conference; to respect and listen to customers’ suggestions and uphold the characteristics and innovative ideas.

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