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Contact target market

You'll feature throughout our integrated campaigns and exchange resources including: Direct mail, Email, Newsletters, Website, Event catalogs, Onsite promotions with a significant presence at the event and access to the attendees following it.

Comprehensive exposure

benefit from exposure throughout the event campaign; online, direct mail, email and at the event whether interviewing, networking or promotional distribution.

Media partners benefit from comprehensive exposure that may be customized to fit your company's needs.

You'll gain brand visibility to senior level decision makers across the related industry through our advertising campaign - as well as on site branding to the high level attendees at the event.

The close contact whether interviewing, networking or promotional distribution will be provided if we can make deep cooperation between both sides.

Build potential clients

The significantly increased opportunities is given to build membership or subscription base and advertising.

revenue by meeting and networking with key decision makers, potential new subscribers or publication and the services you offer at our event.

The post report and conference feedback will be followed during the conference, and we may assist our media partner with their new business and vice versa.

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